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by Reuven Halevi
I seldom tell origin stories of photos I have taken, but I am fond of this one. I was sitting at home doing post-production in Photoshop (back then I still used Photosohop...) while outside the sun was shining and the birds chirping. I cannot stand being inside in front of a computer, every second I feel I become less human. I was so annoyed that I suddenly slammed down my mouse (luckily I had a spare one) and said "enough, I am going to go out and take a really good photo!" without know where, how, what (not that I usually do, but this time it was a matter of just getting out of the house). So I got on my scooter and drove across Rome till something caught my eye. Still annoyed and unahppy with everything I got off the scooter and walked towards a structure I had never seen before, a new metro station close to the Parioli neighborhood. I looked over the edge, immediately saw this guy, immediately brought the camera to my eye and took it. And felt it, I "felt" the shutter close as if it were inside me, leaving me the impression of photo I had just taken. And said to myself "yup, that's what I wanted, now I can go home". And I did, a bit bewildered. Many times have I tried coaxing myself to do the same thing. "Today I am going to take a really good picture!". Yeah, well, it doesn't quite work that way!


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