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PRINTED   IMAGE   EXCHANGE ( open for BW and Color image Photographers )

The printed image exchange is a simple concept to build and enhance friendships and communication out with our dynamic group. The exchange of a signed printed photograph is our way of  “shaking hands”  with each other outside of the virtual/cyber environment and a beautiful way to share your work with others who totally understand its beauty and importance.


  • If you have an image or more published in the main gallery, simply select which one you wish to send to another photographer. We recommend you select someone from another country to spread the cultural diversity of this group of international photographers.
  • Select a published photographer from the main gallery and contact them telling them you wish to send them a signed print of one of your images ( get their mail address ), you should not tell them which image, make it a surprise.
  • Print and sign and send your photo to your new friend. The image should be approx 10 inches / 26cm on the longest side.
  • When you recieve a signed printed image Please post a photo of yourself on the facebook group wall, holding the signed image. This your thankyou to the sender. ;0)


You can do this with as many photographers and as often as you choose. Eventually someone will select you and you will receive a beautiful signed image of one of your fellow published photographers.

This will take a little time and effort but the return of images and friendships on a personal level is a great investment.

I sincerely hope you guys make this work and enhance the Black and White Street and Color Street photography experience for everyone.

Notes :

  • Admins from Facebook Group and Google Plus Group cannot participate in this process.
  • This is not a permission to REQUEST printed images from photographers.

Many thanks for your dedication and participation.