The works of talented and passionate photographers from around the world capturing images of "life in our time"...

About Black and White Street

Welcome to The Black and White Street & Streets In Color Galleries.

The Black and White Street & Streets In Color Gallery and Group was started as a facility for both hard core street photographers and people experimenting in street photography to show their work. Many professional and non professional photographers worldwide take stunning images in the streets our cities and often struggle to find a way to share them effectively. This is an online gallery that serves to promote not just the idea of street photography and the role it plays as an image archive for future generation to see " Life in or time" , this gallery and group of photographers also serves to enhance the community in this genre sharing ideas, concepts and the availability of critique if required.

Every day fresh images are sourced and submitted to the gallery to present a current international flavor. We do not publish every submitted image to the gallery, only images with a good message or representation of the way we live our lives in this time and the things we encounter in doing so are applicable, thus creating a photographic social documentary of images taken in different styles from the highly artistic to photo journalistic perspective,  depending on the photographer and their respective locations.

While we endorse the traditional ethics and teachings laid down and visually displayed by past masters such as Henri Cartier Bresson , Robert Frank , W Eugene Smith , Vivan Maier  and the modern day masters . we also respect and promote the newer and alternate styles of street photography and pioneers in current day street shooting.

Regular revision of the gallery and its most recent submissions are made to provide contributing photographers with awards and merits of recognition for their work, including our Image of the Day which is selected by a different distinguished group adminr each Day

Photographers who are published to the gallery also have the option to add pricing to their images should a visitor or other photographer wish to purchase a print or digital copy (directly from photographer)

Upon your image being selected from the Facebook or Google+  Group (see tab above) you will be notified to follow a submission process. (requested photographs are published within 24hours)

We look forward to sharing in your images and assisting to promote your work throughout the photographic world.

Thank you and once again, Welcome

The Team


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Meet our Facebook and Google group Administrators/Curators ...   

Mirela Momanu  (Romania)

Mike Lee ( NY, USA )

Bogdan Radu  (Toronto, Canada)

Des Byrne (Ireland)

Cedric Roux  (France)

Jun Jacobs (Philippines)

Soledad Valenzuela  (Chile)

Marie Laigneau  (Chicago, USA)

Henry Wong (Singapore)

Melissa Breyer (NY,USA)

Fred Vasquez ( Scotland )

Sarah Choi ( UK )

Marie Lou-Chatel ( Belgium )   

Carly Heliker (USA)

Mark Rosales (USA)

Phil Rittling ( France )

Gardner Hamilton

Legal disclaimer:-

Black and White Street/Streets in Color Gallery projects respect your intellectual property and take many precautions to prevent image theft or unauthorized use of your images and we never share or publish your private information or sell your images. Users of this gallery must conform to this doctrine and shall be banned and reported to copyright authorities upon acts of intellectual property breaches in the law.

In the event you discover plagiarism please notify us with screenshots, images, names and or internet urls to support your claim and send to

By publishing your image in this gallery you agree that the image is your sole intellectual property and you possess full publishing rights to each image.

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