The works of talented and passionate photographers from around the world capturing images of "life in our time"...
A passenger in Colon St. in Cebu City, Philippines rushes to a jeepney on a crazy rainy night.
Photographer: Larry Monserate Piojo
From the theme shoot from the hip....
Photographer: Ateneo "Teni" Sta.Ines
Plymouth, UK, 2015
Photographer: Lucian Zamfir
The girl with blue bag and umbrella walking to the zebra in a raining day.
Photographer: mirko fambrini
by Reuven Halevi
I seldom tell origin stories of photos I have taken, but I am fond of this one. I was sitting at home doing post-production in Photoshop (back then I still used Photosohop...) while outside the sun...
Photographer: Reuven Halevi
Touch of magic
Photographer: Chu Viet Ha
A man and his shadow walking together
Photographer: Alfredo Oliva
Córdoba, Spain
Photographer: Antonio E. Ojeda
Photographer: Luke Lao
Smoking area, Istanbul
Photographer: Giacomo Vesprini
Cracov, street, color, surprise
Cracov, Poland, 31-12-2015.
Photographer: Karol Malec
An add of office bank in Barcelona
Photographer: Ignasi Raventos
I saw her getting inside and waited for the door to open and picture that moment.  But that guy appered at the deceisive moment.  Does he interfere the picture?... I dont know.
Photographer: ori levi
"Life in windows"
"Life in windows"
Photographer: Georgie Jerzyna Pauwels
Instant when I met at a subway station
Photographer: Yukari Sasaki
Monaco 2016
Photographer: Rudy Boyer
Sevilla, marzo 2016
Photographer: Antonio E. Ojeda
Ashok Verma
Art Dubai 2016
Photographer: Ashok Verma
Viana do Castelo - Portugal
Photographer: Alberte A. Pereira