The works of talented and passionate photographers from around the world capturing images of "life in our time"...
"Through A Boy's Eyes" © Melvi Bunao Morfe
There was a lively parade going on in the street at the time.  I was walking along with the crowd and I spotted him watching from the window with his mom's arms around him.
Photographer: Melvi Bunao Morfe
Alamillo Bridge, Sevilla
Photographer: Antonio E. Ojeda
"No Comment"
Photographer: Karlo Flores
Valencia City, Spain, February 2016
Photographer: Berns Gilna-Murphy
pony tail girl
A silhouette of a girl in ponytail is projected on a smokey glass window
Photographer: Jasper Tejano
Sunday theme: Life in windows [untitled ● Trogir - Croatia / September 2014]      
Photographer: Achim Katzberg
An entry to the Life in the taken while I am shooting the great fire in the near area where I was residing  I already saw this boy inside the pick up car. As a street...
Photographer: Ateneo "Teni" Sta.Ines
Taken in a Tunnel, waited for a juxtaposition
Photographer: Emmanuel Cox
Milan (IT), 2016.
Photographer: Jeffrey De Keyser
In center of Barcelona, the tourists have a breack
Photographer: Ignasi Raventos
A woman at the window
Photographer: Orna Naor
Forced perspective of Kung Fu Panda using chopstick to pick up a passersby head. 
Photographer: Tatang (lpjuan) Keith
Fire struck near my place and got a chance to take some photos. A fireman calling with his radio as the fire has been declared out. 
Photographer: Ateneo "Teni" Sta.Ines
Monçao - Portugal 2016
Photographer: Alberte A. Pereira
taken at bnei-brak (near tel-aviv) where each year the remaining leaven is burned at the streets before pessah holiday.
Photographer: ori levi
Wallace, Idaho
Photographer: Rebecca Weston
Photographer: Georgie Jerzyna Pauwels
Amsterdam | 2014
Photographer: martijn meijerink
Summer. Moscow.
Photographer: Vlad Sidorak
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Photographer: Don Pagunsan