The works of talented and passionate photographers from around the world capturing images of "life in our time"...
Rainy Day in Lucca/Italy
Photographer: Never Edit
Taken at hongkong lan kwai fong during halloween 2017.
Photographer: melanie catamin
Sevilla 2017
Photographer: Antonio E. Ojeda
street photography berlin
Part of the Light Urban Rain Series - Street Photography in the rainy City
Photographer: martin u waltz
In this age of technology what smartphones do to our heads 
Photographer: Michal Hess
Dhaka | 2017
Photographer: Sohail Bin Mohammad
DDP sightings.
Photographer: Jaicen Yabut
A lady passes by an empty pantry with her shadow cast on a light ocre wall one December afternoon
Photographer: Jasper Tejano
El Viso del Alcor, 2017 WEEKLY CHALLENGE #MINIMAL AWARD goes to @ Antonio E. Ojeda
Photographer: Antonio E. Ojeda
Sange, 2017. 
Photographer: Koushik Sinha Roy
India, 2017
Photographer: Koushik Sinha Roy
Pick from sunday challenge. Negative space
Photographer: Luke Lao
Shot at manila bay philippines
Photographer: Luke Lao
Shot from a marketplace in Sofia, Bulgaria.
Photographer: Ventsislav Lalev
Shot takes in Otranto.
Photographer: Mario Spedicato
Photographer: Michael Espiner
Swimmer by Gabi Berger
Swimmer during heavy rain storm in the outdoor pool at Tel Aviv Marina.  
Photographer: Gabi Berger
Edinburgh 2017
Photographer: Michael Espiner
Una persona un disfraz y un lugar para pensar en los colores
Photographer: Andrés César
No description
Photographer: Andrea Ratto