The works of talented and passionate photographers from around the world capturing images of "life in our time"...
Valencia City, Spain, October 2015
Photographer: Berns Gilna-Murphy
Bern (Switzerland) - 2015
Photographer: Olivier MACAIRE
Cannes, France 2014
Photographer: Rudy Boyer
Sorrento, Italy 2014 
Photographer: Dafna Yosha
Spectators wait for the next street performers in Legazpi City, Albay Province, Philippines, October 2015.
Photographer: Edwin Tuyay
No comment
Photographer: Selnur Okudan
Seeing is believing
Seoul (KR), 2015. Winning image of Sunday Theme: Traveling People & Sunday Theme: Best of 2015.
Photographer: Jeffrey De Keyser
A backlighting shot in the stairs of the mandaly market
Photographer: Alfredo Oliva
Anticipated shadowplay as I was walking along in one of the street in Malate Manila. I just waited for the guy and hid him in the post so that his shadow will be highlighted, while a red balloon pop...
Photographer: Ateneo "Teni" Sta.Ines
What is very valuable for me is that reaction of the woman at the instant i took the picture, it alterated reality making it more intersting, and so telling a story. ...
Photographer: Benoit Baratas
Nice, France 2015
Photographer: Rudy Boyer
taken in tel aviv. 2 workers on building site.
Photographer: Ilan Burla
Montana, USA
Photographer: Rebecca Weston
Poznań (Poland) 2015
Photographer: Katarzyna Kubiak
Sunday Theme Winning Photo - HUMAN EMOTIONS 
Photographer: Dominic Meily
the cat famely,alneby st. Tel aviv.
Photographer: ilan Ben Yehuda
Nice, France 2015
Photographer: Rudy Boyer
I find this pic interesting b'coz of the sharp contrast of the shadow passing on a colored tiles plus the blue reflection coming from the door it self and the vertical and horizontal lines that...
Photographer: James Lumibao
Ghent (BE), 2015. Winning image of Sunday Theme: Human Emotions.
Photographer: Jeffrey De Keyser
Drap, France 2015
Photographer: Rudy Boyer