The works of talented and passionate photographers from around the world capturing images of "life in our time"...
old lady Tel aviv 9.2015
Photographer: ilan Ben Yehuda
A boy was seen enjoying the moment as if he is about to fly above a field of primary colors.
Photographer: Jasper Tejano
chan chun ming
I recognized this new street art work near my living district in mid of Sep 2015 where I had my breakfast with my wife.  After then, I went to this spot for 4 times and had taken over 100...
Photographer: Chan Chun Ming
Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines
Photographer: Leodegario Barcelona
taken at beny brak during the midnight hour.  
Photographer: Ilan Burla
Mea Shearim Jerusalem 9.2015
Photographer: ilan Ben Yehuda
Street Photography by Josimson
Photographer: Jo Immanuel Simson
The old Ceremony of Kapparot 
Photographer: Orna Naor
Photographer: Sungsoo Lee
Street session for DJ's
Photographer: Jordi Flores
Photographer: Yuji Ishizaki
Holy Fire Ceremony, Jerusalem
Holy Fire Ceremony, Ethiopian Church, Jerusalem
Photographer: Orna Naor
Biarritz in France rainy sunday 
Photographer: stéphane dégremont
#Banaras, #Kashi, #Varanasi, #Manikarnika, #Street, #People, #Manish_Khattry
White symbolizes the soul... When uncovered reveals the real person.. To be so close to your inner self that it looks almost like your drape. 
Photographer: Manish Khattry1
Taken at the street of Mandaluyong, Philippines using a mobile phone.
Photographer: Randy Arisgado
Kapparot ceremony, Bnei Brak 2015
Photographer: Orna Naor
Nice, France 2015
Photographer: Rudy Boyer
A woman with a red dress walk in street red in Elba Island in a hot day..
Photographer: mirko fambrini
Mea shearim Jearusalem 9.2015
Photographer: ilan Ben Yehuda
The head priest on his daily morning ritual opens the doors of each Deity as he chants prayers... The huge keys are custom made decades back.
Photographer: chepauk ramesh